Video: Making Government Data Emergency Ready

By Data-Smart City Solutions • January 16, 2018

At the Summit on Data-Smart Government in late 2017, San Diego CDO Maksim Pecherskiy delivered a lighting talk on the value of making government data disaster ready.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Pecherskiy worked with Puerto Rico—where he had previously served as a Code for America fellow—to create a map showing shelters, hospitals, and flood zones. During this process, Pecherskiy came to understand the difficulty of gathering and assembling government data in an emergency situation.

In this talk, Pecherskiy calls for governments to improve the accessibility of information in these crisis situations. “Is our data disaster ready? Have you tried your data for a time constraint project?” he asks. “Disasters require a different type of thinking,” he continues.

You can access additional resources from the Summit here.

Speaker Bio: Maksim Pecherskiy is the City of San Diego’s first Chief Data Officer in the Performance & Analytics Department and is responsible for implementing the city's new open data initiative. Pecherskiy has been solving complex problems with technology for nearly a decade. He spent the year before coming to San Diego working as a Code For America fellow in Puerto Rico with a focus on economic development.