Operational Excellence in Government

Operational Excellence in Government is led by Stephen Goldsmith, Director of the Innovations in American Government Awards program and Professor at Harvard Kennedy School. The project identifies operational efficiency themes across state and local governments. 

The project analyzes recommendations across 30 state and local government studies, highlighting trends and challenges across jurisdictions. By pinpointing opportunities for cost savings, recommending proven efficiencies, and providing implementation guidance, Operational Excellence in Government positions itself as a central resource for public-sector excellence. The project’s research increases the capacity of state and local governments to induce organizational change. By providing a free resource to inform and support government transformation, Operational Excellence in Government promotes the attainability of effective governance across all jurisdictions, ultimately leading to a more effective, efficient, and accountable government for all.

Operational Excellence is an initiative of Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, the preeminent voice for innovation in government. From 2016-2017, this research project was supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and conducted in partnership with United States Common Sense, a nonpartisan nonprofit policy group dedicated to opening government data and resources to the public, and the Institute for Excellence in Government.

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