Blue Ribbon Commission on Waste & Efficiency in Government (Atlanta, GA)

  • June 10, 2016
  • Operational Excellence in Government

This resource is part of the Ash Center's Operational Excellence in Government Project.

Report Date: 2014

Produced for: Mayor Kasim Reed’s Commission on Waste & Efficiency in Government

Produced by: A commission of labor, business, and City Council representatives

In response to the need to fill a projected gap in infrastructure funding, city of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed launched a commission to identify cost-saving strategies within Atlanta’s government. The commission was tasked with finding new avenues to invest in infrastructure and improve city operations, ultimately aiming to enhance Atlanta’s overall fiscal health. The commission’s report outlines short-term “Quick-Wins” for immediate implementation in areas such as sustainable energy and e-payment systems, and long-term reforms in areas such as staffing management and third-party service partnerships within and across agencies and departments. Of particular note, the report includes project charters for each of its recommendations and a comprehensive idea digest including ideas submitted but tabled pending additional research.

Photo credit: flickr / CC BY


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