Delivering Efficient, Effective, and Streamlined Government to Illinois Taxpayers (State of Illinois)

  • December 15, 2015
  • Operational Excellence in Government

This resource is part of the Ash Center's Operational Excellence in Government Project.

Report Date: 2015

Produced For: Executive Order 15-15, signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

Produced By: Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University, and a bipartisan task force appointed by the Governor

This report, stemming from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s Executive Order 15-15, examines issues of local government and school district consolidation within Illinois. Task force members were charged with reviewing state laws related to unfunded mandates and with analyzing the success of programs and legislation with similar goals already implemented in Illinois and other states. The report discusses challenges to consolidation and offers recommendations aimed at empowering local officials to address consolidation, shared services, and unfunded mandates within their respective jurisdictions. Opportunities to establish regional working groups to promote local consolidation are also presented. Of particular note, the report includes a proposition for an “Illinois Journal of Shared Services” to be produced annually by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor to provide all levels and agencies in government an opportunity to submit best practices and share strategies for innovative solutions.

Photo credit: flickr / CC BY


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