Final Report of the Delaware Expenditure Review Committee (State of Delaware)

  • January 29, 2016
  • Operational Excellence in Government

This resource is part of the Ash Center's Operational Excellence in Government Project.

Report Date: 2016

Produced For: Executive Order Number 52, signed by Delaware Governor Jack Markell

Produced By: A committee of appointees from the Governor and the General Assembly, Public Financial Management, and various State-sponsored commissions

Through an executive order the Delaware Expenditure Review Committee was charged with reviewing state government operations and identifying opportunities to generate efficiencies and provide state services in a more cost-effective manner. The report highlights the operational challenges facing the Department of Corrections, Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance, the Department of Education, as well as concerns about employee and retiree benefits. The report pays special attention to past and expected future state budget allocations towards these agencies. While the report’s recommendations are agency-specific, the strategic themes of outcome-based approaches, personnel cost containment, consolidation, and sharing services emerge across all recommendations. Of particular note, the report references other states’ efficiency efforts, and includes examples of various approaches to statewide efficiency studies.

Photo credit:  J. Stephen Conn / CC BY


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