North Carolina Government Efficiency and Reform Report to the Joint Legislative Commission on Government Operations (State of North Carolina)

  • March 5, 2015
  • Operational Excellence in Government

This resource is part of the Ash Center's Operational Excellence in Government Project.

Report Date: 2015

Produced For: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly

Produced By: Deloitte Consulting

The North Carolina Government Efficiency and Reform (NC GEAR) program was proposed by Governor Pat McCrory in 2013 to develop a strategic transformation plan for state government. The North Carolina General Assembly incorporated the program into legislation that same year, and NC GEAR subsequently began efforts to analyze state government operations. The program’s purpose is to serve as a catalyst for long-term, self-sustaining solutions within state government, and to “foster a government that works better for North Carolinians and that consistently exceeds customer expectations.” The NC GEAR report recommends various reforms to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service across state agencies. Several of the recommendations would shift statewide programs, services, and core functions from a traditional agency-focused approach to an enterprise-wide approach. Specific recommendations cover a variety of areas, from reducing barriers to obtaining occupational licenses to ensuring the value of boards and commissions. The report also highlights “quick fixes” for state employee productivity. A noteworthy element of the NC GEAR model and report is the inclusion of notes regarding six half-day “ideation sessions,” each designed to explore a topic and assign action steps for implementation. These ideation sessions explored topics including cybersecurity, budget and finance, state property, employee benefits, human resources, and pay-for-success models.

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