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BlightStatus Map
BlightStatus Map

BlightStatus is an innovative new online tool that lets citizens pull up-to-date property information directly from the city's official records, providing a single, comprehensive and authoritative view to the public for the very first time. The interactive map is part of New Orleans' blight reduction strategy centered around results and improved performance management through public monthly BlightStat meetings. To further advance the work, the city began sending "nudging" letters to property owners when 311 complaints were filed, which resulted in more homeowners coming forward to bring properties into compliance before the city needed to take further action. Taking the efforts a step further, the city created a decision support scorecard that organizes the steps for handling a reported property and makes the code enforcement process significantly more efficient. Previously, there was a backlog of as many as 1,500 properties awaiting inspections and hearings - the digital scorecard streamlined the process. They implemented a machine learning model that makes recommendations for next steps based on a score for the property input by a mid-level supervisor, prioritizing the workflow for the Code Enforcement Department. With BlightStatus, citizens can search by specific address or view a street or neighborhood and find the status bar of any property with a Code Enforcement record to instantly see where that property stands in the blight process - and what's coming next. They can also access a detailed case history for a step-by-step description of what's happened so far, and when, and receive alerts on the go, via email or text message, the moment the status changes on properties they care about.


3-1-1 data; City of New Orleans


Code for America, Greater New Orleans Foundation, Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation

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