California Healthcare Associated Infections Map

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CA Healthcare Infection Map

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) occur as an unintended result during patient care. Public reporting of HAI data allows Californians to assess the quality of care in hospitals and make more informed health care choices. The map provides information about five types of HAI from all California acute care hospitals. Findings on the map show if a hospital's 2015 infection rate was lower than similar hospitals (green circle), higher than similar hospitals (orange triangle), or the same as (or no different) than similar hospitals (lavender circle). Use the tabs at the top to show results for different infection types. Public input also contributed to the map's design. A public advisory committee consisting of both lay individuals and medical professionals met quarterly to discuss CDPH's vision of the map and suggest changes. Feedback was also collected from three focus groups held in locations across the state with 31 members of public. Given the complex nature of health information in general and healthcare-associated infections information in particular, the public advisory committee helped ensure a final product that was useful to Californians.


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