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Camden Health Exchange

Launched in 2010, the Camden Coalition Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a collaborative data-sharing effort to improve care delivery in Camden. The Camden Coalition HIE is a web-based technology offering participating local and regional health care providers secure, real-time access to shared medical information. For providers, having access to shared clinical information fosters improved care coordination and reduces unnecessary, costly duplication. For Camden Coalition staff, data from the HIE can identify individuals eligible for enrollment in the Coalition's intervention programs. Camden Coalition HIE participants include hospitals, primary care practices, laboratory and radiology groups, social service organizations, correctional facilities, and other licensed health care facilities and providers. In order to protect patient privacy, the Camden Coalition HIE is built and governed to ensure that only health care providers can access the personal health information of their patients. Providers have a "my patients list" platform, which includes a dashboard, timeline, and reports on lab trends over time. Providers can also message each other directly through the platform about patients.


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HIE is connected to two regional HIEs: the Trenton Health Information Exchange and NJSHINE; also the Merck Foundation. Full list of partners here: