Displacement Alert Map

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Displacement Alert Map

Providing the most fine-grained analysis of displacement risk, the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) created the Displacement Alert Project Map (or Dap.Map), which assesses displacement risk building-by-building in New York City. The analysis uses publicly-available data on 96,000 New York buildings and assigns each a risk score based on three factors: loss of rent-regulated units, rate of tenant turnover, and price the building sold for. After standardizing each factor on a scale of 100, ANHD added the three and assigned each building a combined risk score from 0 to 300, then displayed each score on an interactive map. Using these factors, ANHD hopes to target the direct causes of displacement: higher prices based on speculative behavior and an influx of new residents. Armed with this easily-accessible information, residents, community groups, and the local government have the capacity to target displacement on a building-by-building level, expose abusive landlords, and fight back against the loss of affordable housing units.


New property sales, HPD complaints, HPD violations, DOB complaints, and DOB construction permit applications.


Ford Foundation, Mertz Gilmore Foundation