Evictions by Demography, 2016

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Evictions by Demography

The project partnered with the mapping technology company CartoDB to map eviction rates by neighborhood, demographic group, and rent. By comparing these datasets, the researchers were able to visualize the correlation between the number of evictions in a certain area and the area's make-up both in terms of rental prices and demographic. Visualizes evictions by the following demographic types: high rise, dense urbanites, wealthy transplants displacing older residents, white and minority mixed multi-lingual, Hispanic-black mixed multi-lingual, and Asian-Hispanic mixed multi-lingual. The map is color-coded to show the number of evictions per 10,000 households in a given area. There's also a sidebar that shows the number of evictions per demographic category-i.e. high-rise urbanites; wealthy transplants; median-income Asian and Hispanic residents-that the researchers created from 150 different census variables. Click on a demographic and the visualization will show you where that demographic is most concentrated on the map and how many people have been evicted from that area. For example, in the areas where the demographic "high-rise urbanites" are most concentrated, median rent is over $4,000 and 872 people were evicted in 2015. In the areas coded for the "wealthy transplants displacing long-term local residents" demographic, 405 people were evicted that year.


San Francisco Rent Board , census data from the American Community Survey, and median rent estimates from the real estate company Zillow