Fire, Forests and the Future of Rural Communities

  • Map
  • State of California
  • Sierra Institute for Community and Environment
Fire, Forests and Rural Communities Map

Over the past decade, wildfires in California have become more frequent and more intense, demanding greater forest management. In this Cascade, the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment explores how the decline of rural communities has hindered forest management efforts. The map specifically explores rural economies suffering due to the absence of industry (mills), lacking forest management, crumbling infrastructure, and biomass. Featuring scroll-driven time-enabled maps, this story provides a holistic overview of regional wildfire history, solutions and current projects, and resources for those wishing to get involved.


California Wildfires (1970-2016) adapted from Fire Perimeters Geodatabase: Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)' Sierra Nevada Conservancy' United States Drought Monitor; Tree Mortality Task Force; Paul F. Ehinger & Associates State of California