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IndyVitals measures the long-term impact of the work of the state's strategic plan, Plan 2020, among partners at the neighborhood level. It helps to insure that neighborhoods of all types are improving because of the work of partners by making comparative neighborhood-level data transparent. But it's more than a simple set of indicators. The true power of IndyVitals is its ability to coordinate actions of community development partners through data. By using defined neighborhood boundaries, it promotes continued planning and investment coordination among partners by highlighting the strengths and challenges of diverse neighborhoods in our city. All partners are able to see the same data and read the same story, responding with programs, resources, and initiatives that are relevant to the specific needs of every neighborhood. Data is very complex, and coupled with existing SAVI community profiles, IndyVitals provides a range of ways to read the story for each neighborhood, from a simple one-page scorecard for neighborhood residents and leaders to a complex array of linked datasets for those interested in diving deep to see how different datasets are related


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