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INside Rancho

INsideRancho is an interactive GIS web mapping application that provides enhanced economic development and site selection services to the business community. INsideRancho allows users to search for available commercial buildings and sites as well as generate site-specific demographic and business analysis reports. The app speeds up and simplifies the process of finding the optimal location for a business by providing public access to a range of valuable information. Once users have selected a property, they can create site-specific demographic reports by clicking on the Business Analyst (Demographics) button near the top of the web page. Users select the type of report they wish to create and then select one of the polygon tools to draw a polygon around the area they want the report to include. There are a number of different reports available including Census Profile, Demographic and Income Profile, Business Locator and Business Summary reports. Finally, users select a report format and then click Run Report to view the report. This information can be used to better understand the demographic characteristics of the area they are analyzing


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