Interactive Map of California's Urban Water Use

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A new web app from the Pacific Institute shows how different California cities are responding to the ongoing drought. This web feature brings to life newly-released data on residential and system-wide water use, and allows users to explore trends and patterns in that use. Since July of 2014, the State Water Resources Control Board, has required urban water utilities with more than 3,000 customers to report their water use each month. These new data show total system-wide water use, as well as residential water use, i.e., the estimated portion used by residents in and around their homes. Per-person water use is reported in units of gpcd, or gallons per capita per day. The Pacific Institute has created an interactive online map and table to help readers decode this wealth of new information on water use in California. These web features allow readers to examine how water use varies within regions, across the state, and over time. Colored zones of our online map show a gradient of water use across the state, from green for lower per capita water use to bright red for the highest users. Additionally, graphs show how per capita use varies over time and how it compares to the regional and state averages.