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The Large Lot Program is a housing land use approach that was developed as part of the Green Healthy Neighborhoods public planning process. The program is being piloted in community areas where the City owns large amounts of vacant land. The core goals of the program are: Give local residents greater control over vacant land in their neighborhood Dispose of some of the City-owned land in these neighborhoods efficiently, which returns the land to the tax rolls Create wealth in the community by allowing owners to sell land after five years Increase safety, build community, and raise home values by creating more neighborhood-level investment was built to make the process of purchasing City-owned land through this program easier for residents.


Chicago - City Owned Land Inventory Chicago - Community Areas Cook County - Address Point Chicago Cook County - 2012 Parcels


Initiated by Teamwork Englewood, built by DataMade, and funded by LISC Chicago with support from the Boeing Corporation, and the Knight Foundation for LISC's OpenGov for the Rest of Us project.