Los Angeles Indices of Neighborhood Change

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LA Indices of Change

The application was developed by the Los Angeles Innovation Team (i-team) as a research tool to inform the team's efforts to reduce displacement in LA, while promoting neighborhood revitalization. Prior to this work, much of the existing knowledge about gentrification in LA was based on anecdotes and visual cues, but not hard data. By combining multiple data sources, including Census and city data, the application gave the team new visibility into the magnitude of past change, and likelihood of future change. This allowed the i-team to prioritize pilot areas for projects such as a rent stabilization awareness campaign, and a program to increase permits for accessory dwelling units.


LA Index of Displacement Pressure; A Index of Neighborhood Change - collectively based on American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates (2009-2013 and 2010-2014) Decennial Census (2010) IRS tax return data (2005 and 2013) City of Los Angeles Open Data Portal City of Los Angeles administrative data Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority ESRI data enrichment for 2020 Housing Price projections