Multimodal Symphony: 24 Hours of Transit in New York City

  • Visualization
  • New York City
  • Will Geary
Transit in NYC Viz

Multimodal Symphony captures how New York City's plethora of transportation modes complement each other. Taxis are relied on primarily in Manhattan and for trips to and from the three nearby airports, while buses fill the gaps in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. The Northeast Regional Amtrak brings commuters into midtown Manhattan from New Jersey and Connecticut, while the barely-visible bikeshare trips are most common in lower Manhattan.


Taxi trips, Citibike trips, Subway, Bus, Metro-North, Amtrak, PATH Train, Staten Island Ferry. Attributions: Juan Francisco Saldarriaga's tutorial on Processing: Till Nagel’s Unfolding Maps Library:


Mayor's Office of Data Analytics