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The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) launched a crowdsource map on Earth Day 2017, where people can add photos of their favorite natural sites in New Hampshire. NHDES asked residents and visitors to share photos that show them enjoying and protecting NH’s environment in the “This is New Hampshire” crowdsource web app. The web app has received thousands of views and hundreds of outstanding photo submissions since launching. This interactive web app enhances appreciation of natural resources and highlights the need to protect the environment. The mission of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is to help sustain a high quality of life for all citizens by protecting and restoring the environment in New Hampshire. The department’s responsibilities range from protecting natural habitats, to regulating air emissions, to fostering proper waste management, to managing water resources for future generations.


The web app was produced using an ESRI ArcGIS Online Story Map Crowdsource template with photo, credit, and caption submissions stored in a hosted feature layer. Partners on developing the map were the NHDOT, VCGI, DigitalGlobe, Microsoft, CNES/Airbus DS | Esri, HERE, Garmin, iPC.