NYC Citi Bike Visualization

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NYC Citi Bike

Analyzing publicly available data on the start and end point of every Citi Bike trip during March of 2017, the visualization uses a Leaflet platform to map the number of trips started and ended at each station in the city. Red points indicate stations that more riders use as origins than destinations (meaning these stations lose bikes throughout the day), whereas green points indicate stations that more riders use as destinations (meaning they gain bikes throughout the day). The visualization also shows the most popular bike routes, displayed via orange lines. The map also allows users to filter by time, date, and the gender of riders-all data Citi Bike provides publicly. For example, users can see that between 8am and 9am on weekdays, there are more green stations in the centers of Manhattan and Brooklyn and more red in peripheries of these boroughs, meaning most riders travel from the edges of the city into the center for work.


Citi Bike