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Ohio Interactive Budget

Ohio's Interactive Budget is a first of its kind, comprehensive open checkbook that enables visitors to see not only how state money is spent, but also how revenue is generated and allocated via the state budget. This website - an extension of the state accounting system - provides the public with access to the financial and transactional data maintained in the state's accounting system. State law establishes the Office of Budget and Management (OBM) as the entity responsible for preparing the state's budget and for managing and maintaining the state's accounting system. The state accounting system enables the monitoring and control of both spending and revenue collection activities across state government. Ohio's Interactive Budget website shares the state accounting system with our citizens and the public at large in an easy-to-use, searchable format. OBM encourages the public to use this innovative website to enhance its understanding of the functions and services of state government and as a resource to quickly locate state budget information of interest to them. Includes a glossary, user guide, and FAQ section; the drill-down budget view shows state grants paid to government entities or nonprofits, with spending broken down by payee.


Ohio Office of Budget and Management