PFD Cuts Affect Some More Than Others

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The Alaska Permanent Fund is a constitutionally established fund that draws from earnings from the oil industry as well as from investments from the fund. The fund is managed by the state agency, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC). From this fund each year the fund's realized earnings are split between inflation-proofing, operating expenses, and the annual Permanent Fund Dividends that are given to the residents of Alaska. As a result of lower returns on oil extraction, the state of Alaska is in a financial quandary unable to balance the budget. The partial use of the Permanent Fund dividends is one way the legislature is trying to balance the budget. When the Alaska Legislature passed the state budget June 22, it also voted for the first time to cut money for Permanent Fund dividends. This map shows the estimated effect of reducing Permanent Fund dividends through the state of Alaska's operating budget. It illustrates that some households around the state are impacted more than others.


It draws on U.S. Census American Community Survey income estimates for each borough and Unorganized Borough census area. The income estimates are modified to reflect 2017 PFD projections. The projected amount for 2017 PFDs was calculated based on Permanent Fund growth through May 31, minus spending to administer PFDs and other appropriations.