Redlining Louisville: The History of Race, Class, and Real Estate

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Louisville Redlining

Louisville Metro Government is making strides to spread understanding and awareness of how the discriminatory lending practices of the 1930s have had longstanding impacts to this day through the use of an interactive map that illustrates the effects of redlining on housing development, disinvestment, and lending patterns. This map was created to raise awareness of the issue of redlining, or discriminatory housing development, disinvestment, and lending patterns from the 1930's that left communities of color significantly disadvantaged in terms of property value and wealth building. Along with the map's release, the city launched a series of community events to promote productive discussion toward investment and revitalization of disadvantaged neighborhoods.


2010 Census, 1937 HOLC Security Assessment Map, vacant buildings, property values, building permits, zoning data, homeownership rates


Louisville Office of Redevelopment Strategies