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San Bernadino Mental Health

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San Bernadino Mental Health

California's San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) is working to change that. Although many effective treatments and services are available, the County Mental Health Plan knows that people can feel uncomfortable or intimidated about seeking help - if they even know that assistance is available. DBH uses SAS Data Management paired with sophisticated SAS Analytics to improve the quality of data and find insight within all this information. Now, the department can find better ways to connect people to the right type of behavioral health services - and enable them to live healthier, more satisfying lives. or example, the organization maps data about its consumer population and uses these maps to determine the best locations for different behavioral health services that will best meet the location needs of those they serve. Analysts can see which areas need improved access, find places they thought were underserved that actually weren't, and see how this affects their network of providers. Using this data, DBH began to see, among other things, patterns of re-hospitalization. The department reviewed how long people had been in care, what systems they came from, what services were used, and what services could potentially keep them out of the hospital. DBH discovered that it had preconceived notions about hospitalizations and how to connect patients to outpatient services. This insight was used to change how the department provided outreach for outpatient services, to both consumers and hospital staff. To make these connections, SAS helps DBH identify patterns that it would not be able to otherwise detect.


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Department of Behavioral Health

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