SF Park

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  • City and County of San Francisco
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority
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SF Park uses technology to match on-street parking prices with demand. "Smart meters" and sensors compile occupancy and payment data. Based on that information, a pricing algorithm recommends parking rates for various times of day that are designed to ensure that meters are used but that no area is overly congested. In order to determine the right price to charge for parking to meet the parking space availability targets, SFpark employs wireless sensors to detect parking space occupancy in metered spaces. The wireless parking sensors detect parking availability in real time. These parking sensors were installed in 8,200 on-street spaces in the pilot areas. In addition to pilot areas, sensors were also placed in three control neighborhoods to provide baseline data for evaluation purposes. SFpark offers a free app that provide users with real-time space-availability information and allows them to pay for parking online.


Sensors, Census data