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Situational Awareness Tool

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  • City and County of Denver
  • Accountability and Data Analysis Unit
Situational Awareness Dashboard

The Situational Awareness Tool built for the City's Office of Emergency Management merges many disparate pieces of information into a single dashboard, enhancing OEM’s decision-making abilities. The City can now quickly and effectively assess the current and potential impacts of an emergency or special event on the community and the day-to-day operations of the city. Integrating and visualizing various data sources combined all of these data sources into a single view, providing OEM with the ability to turn various data points into actionable information.


Computer-Aided Dispatch (911 calls) 311 calls (non-emergency citizen reports) Xcel power outages (Denver's energy utility provider) Special Event Data Stream Gauge Levels Rain Gauge Levels Traffic Weather Critical Facilities Basemap Data


City of Emergency Management

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