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Turning the Corner is an initiative that aims to begin conversations about displacement and equitable revitalization. The project pilots a research model that monitors neighborhood change and drives informed government action. A local team Detroit,conducted independent research to understand neighborhood change and displacement risk in their communities; four other cities also participated in this pilot. Data Driven Detroit developed metrics to identify areas at risk of “transformational neighborhood change:” investment-catalyzed economic changes to neighborhoods that can alter the composition or culture of their communities. They used this information to build an interactive map that compiles dozens of data points for 9,444 of the city’s census blocks and color codes them according to the likelihood of neighborhood change. This map shows where policies can be focused to assist the most at-risk communities in the city.


Local focus groups and interviews, administrative data on foreclosures and building permits, city and Census Bureau surveys


Urban Institute’s National Neighborhood Indicator Partnership, the Funders’ Network’s Federal Reserve-Philanthropy Initiative, the Kresge Foundation, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, the Hudson-Webber Foundation, and The Skillman Foundation.

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