Waze Traffic Tool

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Waze Traffic Tool

The Waze application relies on regularly-updated information to get users to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible. Because they rely on accurate and timely data, they created the Connected Citizens Program, which works with local governments from around the world to collect (or even help create) data feeds including planned road closures, locations of parking lots, and speed limits on roads. Louisville joined the program in 2015. In return for the data about our roads, Waze shares anonymous, aggregated crowdsourced traffic data from the Louisville area with us at no cost. This traffic data comes in a form much different than traditional traffic data, but still gives us a new understanding of traffic in our community. We are learning how to use this data to identify traffic congestion hotspots in our community and to improve travel for drivers. We believe using this crowdsourced data will allow us to make significant improvements in traffic congestion.


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