#ThisWeekInData August 8, 2021

Centre for Public Impact: San José, California and Saint Paul, Minnesota set new standard in building data-led housing solutions during COVID-19

The newly-released The Opportunity Project for Cities report highlights the strides that San José and Saint Paul made in addressing pandemic-related housing challenges. By combining data with community engagement, the cities each improved conditions for residents with insecure housing and developed models for other cities to adapt. 

Nextgov: GSA’s First Centers of Excellence Customer Touts $50M in Cost Avoidance

The General Services Administration, through it’s Centers of Excellence, helped the Department of Agriculture reduce data costs through IT modernization, data center consolidation, and duplication reduction. The moves not only saved money, but improved the processing speeds for loans from the Department.  

GCN: How open data helps Boulder police, community tackle crime

Boulder, CO residents can now view, download, and analyze police crime data. In an effort to increase transparency and awareness, the police hope that residents will engage with the new data and corresponding dashboard, and work with officials on crime prevention.

Cities Today: US infrastructure funds could build self-monitoring cities

A new Ash Center paper published this week outlines how all levels of government can utilize federal funding to build intelligent civil infrastructure; sensor platforms in bridges, buildings, and water systems can save money, correct for historical disinvestment, and increase public safety. 


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