#ThisWeekInData February 3, 2022

CALIFORNIA NEWS TIMES: Mayor Gloria Releases Strategic Plan Focused on Housing, Infrastructure

Mayor Todd Gloria of San Diego released an updated plan outlining his changes to focus on improving the lives of people and communities. This plan is unique because it also includes the launch of a performance tracking dashboard allowing community members to follow along in the progress.

IOT FOR ALL: Smart Cities: How Technology Will Reshape Technology in 2022

Transportation can benefit from smart technology in terms of improved management, more efficient performance, and reduced costs. This article outlines examples from major cities that have incorporated digital infrastructure into their transportation systems, and how these lessons can be applied to other cities.

SMART CITIES DIVE: Philadelphia's Smart Streetlight Pilot aims to Emphasize Transparency

As the city of Philadelphia embarks on a year-long pilot using smart streelights to collect real-time data on pedestrian traffic and street conditions, city leaders are focused on privacy and data transparency. Learning from earlier examples in other cities, this pilot will only gather metadata and won't include any identifieable information on residents.

CITIES TODAY: Call for Cities to Pilot First Digital Rights Framework

The Cities Coalition for Digital Rights, UN-Habitat, UCLG and Eurocities, in partnership with Open Society Foundations, has put out a call for European cities to participate in a pilot that aims to help cities ensure new technology does not outpace citizens’ rights. The open call is for any city that wants to consider how to increase adoption of AI, IoT, 5G, and blockchain technology while including structures and tools for digital rights.


A new GFOA report makes the case for “segmented pricing” at the local government level, a strategy that can increase revenue while reducing the financial burden on low-income residents. This report is part of their larger work on rethinking revenue at the local government level.

STATE TECH MAGAZINE: How to Make Cybersecurity a Priority for Cities

As cities increasingly adopt smart city technology, local leaders need to ensure that vendors are securing connected devices and performing internal audits to preserve resident privacy and anonymity. Cybersecurity cannot fall to the end of the list as cities digitize and incorporate more technology into daily life, and this article provides specific questions that cities must ask of any potential vendors.