#ThisWeekInData June 27, 2022

SMART CITIES DIVE: Reno, Nevada, joins cities using blockchain to improve record-keeping

More cities are embracing blockchain in their projects, including Reno, which recently announced plans to launch a blockchain record-keeping system in an effort to increase transparency and accountability. This system could not only improve efficiencies in approval processes in the city, but also allows the public to view information about data modifications.

FEDERAL REGISTER: Request for Information on Transit Bus Automation Research and Demonstrations

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) within the Department of Transportation is continuing to research the use of automated driving systems in public transit. FTA is seeking input from the on the next phase of research, collaboration and engagement, technology development, and demonstration of advanced driver assistance systems or automated driving systems.

CITIES TODAY: A new role in major cities: Chief Citizen Experience Officer

Cities are focusing on residents as consumers of government services and reviewing the “customer experience” of residents when improving services. With the increasing role that technology and digital services play in city operations and services, the role of “Chief Citizen Experience Officer” focused the resident-customer at the center of the problem.

CITYLAB: Baltimore Looks to Expand Internet Access by Building Its Own Network

Baltimore, Maryland wants to create a city-owned broadband service to make internet access truly equitable throughout the city. The city’s broadband chief discusses the necessity of considering broadband as public infrastructure when closing the digital divide.

BLOOMBERG CITIES NETWORK: How some cities are using ARPA funds to build data muscles that last

As cities receive new federal funds, it is important to invest in the capacity of cities to be data-driven in their work. This article outlines ways that cities are investing ARPA funding to improve current and future work, skills, and capacity; for example, leaders in Washington, D.C. are hiring data analysts and social scientists for The Lab@DC to help rigorously evaluate the efficacy of city programs.


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