#ThisWeekInData March 11, 2022

STATE SCOOP: Measuring the Impact of Data Programs is about More than Just Dollars

While improved data capabilities can help governments save money, there are also up front costs associated with investing in data. This article explores the challenges with valuing investments in data, which can be tricky to calculate.

REGISTER CITIZEN:Secretary of the State Launches Election History Website

In Connecticut, Secretary of State Denise Merrill launched a website that includes a comprehensive history of election data in the state, underscoring the importance of trust and  transparency, and the value of data.

PGH CITY PAPER:Bad Bridges App Helps Commuters Avoid Questionable Pittsburgh Infrastructure

With the recent collapse of a bridge in Pittsburgh, a resident created an app to help ease the anxiety of commuters. With this app, users can determine which bridges they cross during a commute and then look at info from Penn DOT’s open data website to see what year they were constructed and their condition.

FORBES: Virginia’s Interim Chief Data Officer Highlights a Need for Data Sharing

VA’s Interim Chief Data Officer, Marcus Thornton, emphasizes the impact that data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning can have on public services. In this interview, he also lifts up themes of data privacy and training an AI workforce in VA.

CITIES TODAY: Long Beach “Flips the Script” on Tech Procurement with Open Pitch Programme

As part of Long Beach’s Smart City Initiative, they recently launched a program to allow tech vendors to pitch ideas and solutions even when there is no RFP. This is part of the city's broader work on procurement equity and improvements, recently featured on Data-Smart.


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