#ThisWeekInData May 20, 2022

SMART CITIES DIVE: States Band Together to Push for Nationwide Fleet Electrification

As with many smart city topics, coordination amongst regions is critical to development. The Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicle initiative includes nearly 20 states that are trying to advance truck electrification efforts. For an industry like trucking that is inherently interstate, this coordinated planning across states could unlock significant achievements.

ROUTE FIFTY: Internet Service Essentially Free for Millions Under New Biden Program

President Biden has convinced 20 broadband providers to offer low-cost high-speed internet plans in order to bring millions more Americans online. This short-term fix is enhanced by greater federal broadband investments targeted at upgrading services and options where broadband isn’t sufficient.

KCUR: Kansas City hopes planting more trees will create 'a city within a park' and combat climate change

Data collected by researchers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and mapped by local environmentalists revealed extreme heats in Kansas City, particularly in areas with an abundance of asphalt. The data maps also showed how tree coverage significantly cooled the area temperature, prompting city leaders to develop a tree-planting plan that would not just lower ambient temperature but also produce cost saving by requiring less electricity for air conditioning and other cooling devices.

WHAT WORKS CITIES: Paterson’s Targeted Solution to the Opioid Crisis

Using a data-driven model that identifies both where and when most overdoses happen, the Opioid Response Team in Paterson, NJ is tackling the opioid crisis with targeted precision in order to most efficiently and accurately respond to residents in crisis. The team maps data from first responders and uses that to guide their outreach, intervention, and response work.


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