#ThisWeekInData November 19, 2021

State Scoop: Philadelphia publishes 'meta' dashboard for city's open-data efforts

A new dashboard released by the city of Philadelphia is an insight into the city’s open data efforts and plans. The meta dashboard shows what data sets the city has recently published, and which ones will be released in the near future, so that residents can better understand where the city stands in terms of sharing data publicly.

Route 50: The 311 Lifeline: How Governments Enhanced Call Centers During the Pandemic    

While 311 technology has been around for decades, local governments turned to these non-emergency lines to provide additional support and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes, and the general expansion of 311 resources during the pandemic, were so successful that many municipalities are planning to continue expanded services through 311 call lines. 

Alluma: No-Stop Government’s Biggest Hurdle

As more residents required additional social service support due to job loss or health issues during the pandemic, many governments and nonprofits worked together to improve access to crucial services. One way to do this is through one- or no-stop government, which streamlines application processes to provide necessary care sooner.

Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development: National Search Yields Six Innovative Native Programs For Harvard’s 2021 Honoring Nations Awards in Governance

Six tribal governments from across the country were chosen to receive this year’s Honoring Nations Award due to their innovation in governance. The six projects range from data collection on climate conditions to low carbon micro-grids to innovative mental health care services.