The Top Ten of 2021

BY Data-Smart City Solutions • December 13, 2021

As we wrap up the year, we’ve collected our most read articles of 2021. Check them out below and, as always, thank you to all our readers and listeners!

1. Data-Smart City Pod - How the Southern California Association of Government is Improving Quality of Life in SoCal:

The premier episode of the Data-Smart City Pod featured Rex Richardson and Darin Chidsey from the Southern California Association of Governments. They discuss the importance of regional data sharing, cooperative governance, and data-driven planning.


2. Data-Smart City Pod - Making Dynamic Data Accessible - GIS in Maryland:

In this third episode, Pr. Goldsmith interviews Maryland’s GIS Officer ​and deputy director of the Department of Health to discuss how they used a centralized GIS system to fight the COVID-19 virus and protect the state’s residents. 


3. As the Chorus of Dumb City Advocates Increases, How Do We Define the Truly Smart City?:

This article tackles the lack of a “smart city” definition, outlines ten criteria cities should meet to be truly smart, and addresses the smart city straw man arguments that distract from the larger mission — providing residents with the best services possible.     


4. Data-Smart City Pod - Jack Dangermond on Multi-Dimension GIS and Equity:

In episode nine, Pr.Goldsmith interviews Esri founder and president Jack Dangermond about how cities can utilize multi-dimension GIS, how important mapping is for equity-focused organizations, and how systems and policies are related. 


5.  Data-Smart City Pod - The YMCA and Mission-Driven Data:

This fourth episode is a partner piece to the Data-Informed, Mission-Driven article, and features Maria-Alicia Serrano, Senior Director of Research, Analytics, and Insights at the YMCA of the USA. 


6. Map Monday: Where Will Climate Migrants Flock?:

Climate change and extreme weather patterns are altering natural and urban landscapes across the country. Based on new research about patterns of climate migration in the next 80 years, this map shows where cities and local governments will need to prioritize housing accessibility and climate resiliency.    


7. Data-Smart City Pod - Equity is Everyone's Work:

Pr. Goldsmith talks with Ashville’s GIS Manager Business and Public Technology Manager about using data and GIS to further racial equity in the city and the importance of history in story mapping.


8. Data-Informed, Mission-Driven:

The YMCA is one of the largest and oldest non-profits in America, but they are using some of the newest geospatial tools and data analytics to better understand their local communities and best deliver services.


9. Rewriting Wrongs: GIS as a Force for Racial Equity in Asheville, NC:

During 2021 many cities began focusing on racial inequities and ways to combat systemic discrimination; in Asheville, NC, city leaders are using GIS and data to improve equity for residents of color. 


10. Healing Together in Chicago:

As cities renewed commitments to racial equity in 2020 and 2021, Chicago’s Chief Equity Officer Candace Moore talked with Besty Gardner about the city’s racial healing work, the virtual Racial Healing Summit, and why innovation work is equity work.


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